Meet the Maker

Hi, I'm Jessica Hughes, and this is one of my favorite campaigns, with one of my favorite candies in the world! Seriously, my mom has been buying us Smarties since before I can remember. When we went on car trips, they were our special treat. This year, they want to highlight past “Smarties” to show children how important it is to focus on learning.

And Meet Our Little Smartie

My daughter Henley is dressed as Jane Goodall. I’ve always looked up to Jane and I can’t wait to teach Henley more about her. If you don’t know who Jane Goodall is, let me give you a quick synopsis that does not do her enough justice. Jane is a famous primatologist that has studied chimpanzees in the wild for the past 55 years. She’s an avid animal rights activist and even started her own environment conservation called the Jane Goodall Institute. Can you imagine traveling to Kenya ALONE 55 years ago and fighting the sexism of the time to become one of the most expert scientists in her field? THAT is a woman I want my daughter to look up to!

Materials You'll Need to Make This Costume

  • A khaki shirt and shorts or a tan jumper
  • A tan and gold belt
  • Brown boots
  • Kids binoculars
  • A stuffed monkey

Steps to Make it: