Meet the Maker

Hi! My name is Ashlee Nichols, and I’m the creator of a Texas-based life and style website called Little Lovelies! I have two little lovelies of my own: Laikyn who is 4 years old and Lennyn who is 2 years old. We live in a small West Texas town with my husband of 6 years who works in agriculture (cotton) and is a pilot for fun! We travel often, love deeply and hope to share the lovely in life every single day!

And Meet Our Little Smartie

We chose Audrey Hepburn as our "Smartie" because she was such a fabulous and SMART actress. Breakfast at Tiffany’s was one of the most classic movies ever made. Laikyn loved dressing up and pretending to be Ms. Hepburn, and what’s a good Audrey Hepburn without a Marilyn Monroe? Little sister had to get in on the dress-up, too, and is Marilyn Monroe.

This was one of the most simple costumes we’ve ever attempted! It was as simple as just getting the pieces and putting them on her. She did complain that the gloves were too big, but other than that it’s a very comfortable outfit!

Audrey and Marilyn were two peas in a pod, both such SMARTIES in their costumes. We had a ball dressing up and now we’re settling in and letting the big Smartie watch the first part of Breakfast at Tiffany's!

Materials You'll Need to Make This Costume

  • Black dress with tulle
  • Black feather boa
  • Black shoes
  • Costume necklace
  • Costume tiara
  • Black long gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Tiffany & Co bag
  • DryBar Dry Shampoo (brunette) for hair coloring (not needed)
  • White onesie
  • White tulle skirt
  • White shoes
  • Red lipstick
  • Eyeliner (for freckle/mole)
  • Dry shampoo for hair (could use wig if hair is not curly/short)

Steps to Make it: