• Where are Smarties® made?

     We have two manufacturing facilities, one in Union, New Jersey, and one in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. There is virtually no difference between the Smarties® manufactured in our Canadian plant and our plant here in Union, New Jersey.

  • What are the Smarties® flavors?

     We manufacture six (6) colors of candy tablets that are randomly mixed together.

    The flavor of each color is as follows:

    White = Orange/Cream

    Yellow = Pineapple

    Pink = Cherry

    Green = Strawberry

    Purple = Grape

    Orange = Orange

  • Are your products gluten-free?

     YES! Smarties® and our entire line of products are gluten free. If the UPC number on the packaging begins with “0 11206”, you can be assured that it is manufactured in a facility that is gluten free and safe to eat if you have Celiac Disease.  For more information, please visit our Gluten Free page!

  • Are Smarties vegetarian/vegan?

     YES!  All Smarties® products are vegetarian and vegan.  Feel free to refer to our Product page for the nutritional information and ingredients in each product, and our Vegan Candy page for more information about our vegan sweets.

  • Why can’t I find Smarties® outside of the United States?

     We only sell our brand of Smarties® in the United States. In Canada, our Smarties® candy is known as Rockets®.

  • Can I schedule a visit to the Smarties factory?

    Smarties Candy Company is committed to providing safe high quality candy.  To do so, we follow strict rules and practices in our manufacturing facility.  For these reasons, factory visits are not permitted to the public.

  • May I have a candy donation for a good cause?

    Smarties Candy Company receives far more donation requests for worthy causes than would be possible to fulfill.  Every year, we allot a certain amount of candy for donations, and we try to focus our donations to requests from within our nearby New Jersey community. 

  • Is the Smarties Store safe for online shopping?

    Yes! The Smarties Store has an SSL certificate. SSL stands for "Secure Socket Layer" and that means a certificate authority has authenticated our identity (assuring we are who we say we are) and provides online customers a safe secure environment for shopping. Checkout data is encrypted to keep it secure for outsiders so that the order, shipping and credit card information goes to Smarties Candy Company for processing and nowhere else. You can rest assured that shopping on the Smarties Store is safe.

  • What do I do if I have a complaint?

    If you have a complaint regarding a product manufactured by Smarties Candy Company, please send us a message on the Contact Us page. Please include 1) the product's Best By Date, 2) place of purchase, 3) UPC code and 4) note if the product was manufactured in the USA or Canada. If possible, take a photo of the problem to assist us in our investigation of the issue. Thank you.

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