Love Hearts Giveaway!

Ready to channel your inner Shakespeare? Enter our Love Hearts Giveaway to be one of five winners of TWO bags of Smarties Love Hearts! (Winning messages will also be taken into consideration as we update our Love Hearts!)

Submit your Love Hearts message in the comments below!  Messages must be two words. Each word must be six letters or less.

We will announce the FIVE winners at noon EST on Valentines Day (2/14/13) so get your entry in before then!

Fine print: One entry per person. Winners will be notified via email and must provide a mailing address within the USA to receive winnings.

Good luck!

-The Smarties Family

  1. Mike

    Entry: “Sweet Dear”
    Thank you!

  2. Christy Newell

    Sweet Girl

  3. Tammera Widell

    Loving Heart

  4. Kari Judd


  5. delaney

    I have been eating smarties since I was a kid, they are my favorite because they have always been the same, I’m an addict and this is why I need more so I can share with my boyfriend lol

  6. Crystal Moyer


  7. Margaret

    Heart Throb

  8. nallely segura

    sweet mama

  9. delaney

    Sweet love

  10. Nixie


  11. Jessidizzle

    Smarty hearts!! <3

  12. jordan

    Adore circle

    1. The voice of raainotlity! Good to hear from you.

  13. michele malone


  14. Michelle

    Sweet Sugar

  15. Jessica Boyle


  16. Debbie

    Sweet Thang

  17. Bekah Kamp

    taste love

  18. Mary McGowan

    Smart Love

  19. Melissa Knipp

    Tag reads…A gift of: Smartielicious Loverstanding. Although that would be perfect you said two words six letters or less. A gift of: Smart Kisses

  20. Frank Bragg

    Ever Mine

  21. Sue McCraley

    4ever mine!

  22. john simelane

    lovely love

  23. Lindsay Schnurer

    Cuddle bunny

  24. Debbie Seavey Warren

    Cupid’s Courier

  25. Debbie Seavey Warren

    Cupid’s Courier

  26. Caitlin

    Huggy Bear

  27. Ashley Luna


  28. Morgan proko

    Open hearted

  29. Mylissa

    Okie Dokie

  30. Magdalena Castro

    Cutie Patooties

  31. Stephany~

    Love You~<3

  32. Michelle L


  33. Surya Srinivasan


  34. GradualDazzle


  35. Michelle Gonzalez


  36. mary mcmenamy

    kid love

  37. Malachi

    love birds

  38. jaimee wood

    friends forever

  39. Courtney

    Forever alone.

  40. Chelsea Dezormo

    Endless Love

  41. Megan

    Love story <3

  42. Chelsea Dezormo

    Love timeless

  43. Lori Vandehoff

    Love Forever !

  44. Lori Vandehoff

    fb love

  45. Micheala Newfield

    Stay Strong

    1. Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thkfnaul for your help.

  46. Lori Vandehoff

    together forever

  47. Rebecca Russell


  48. yasmine soto

    Te Amo

  49. Rachel H.

    Other Half

  50. Marcella Cook

    Candy Love

  51. Izzy ellis

    Forever love

  52. Madison Barnwell

    First Love

  53. Shawn Grove

    Totally Love

  54. Megan

    Never Alone <3

  55. Christopher Lopez

    Smart Love

  56. Tee Karis

    Love 4ever

  57. Christopher Lopez

    Smart Heart

  58. Jessica Engum

    You’re Special!

  59. Rachel H.

    Missing Half

  60. Jay :D

    you’re smart (ur smart)


  61. David Gomez


  62. Monique Hernandez

    One love

  63. Rebecca Russell


  64. Kayla Sykes

    Needs Lover

  65. Christopher Lopez

    Smarty Love

  66. Angie Smith

    Right one

  67. Christopher Lopez

    Life Love

  68. Emily Doherty

    tart heart

  69. Kendra L.

    Smart Hearts


    Golden Love!

  71. Hope

    Smarty Hearts

  72. Michelle S

    Happy Lady

  73. Christopher Lopez

    Love Struck

  74. Jodi Appleby

    Love Hard

  75. Heather

    WillU BeMine

  76. Amber S.

    laters baby

  77. wendy kaplan

    my love

  78. Marleyna Rose

    luv lastin

  79. Sue Peterson

    Cuddle bug

  80. Brandy Byrum

    You’re Mine!

  81. Heather Thomas Hobbs

    Hearts Smarts

  82. Colleen & KE

    Safe treat. PS – my son is allergic to food he lives on gtube. Smarties are a safe treat. Thank you

  83. Richard Russell

    Sweet Tart

  84. costana hornbaker

    love deeply

    1. This inmfaortion is off the hizool!

  85. Mike Karabinos

    Hugs & Kisses

  86. Daisy Martinez

    Iloves Hearts

  87. Kyra Oeffler

    Sweet Lovers

  88. Kathy Snader

    My Bestie!

  89. Ashley Heins

    Sweet Love

    1. Yaire Rivera

      Sweet Love

  90. Kelly Nahra

    Speak Love

  91. Allie Raney

    Forever yours

  92. Yaire Rivera

    Happy <3

  93. Brittany

    Baby Bear.

  94. Karen B

    Sweet love

  95. Joey

    Your my sweat heart

  96. Desiree

    sweet tart

  97. sharon johnson


  98. richelle platt

    loves kisses

  99. Rachel

    It’s love

  100. bianca ramirez

    Singles awareness

  101. Danielle Smith

    Love Bug

  102. Kacie Huber

    Only You

  103. Rosa Lopez

    You’re smart

  104. Emily

    Forever loved!

  105. Kyra Velock

    Love Forever

  106. David Gomez


  107. Kyra Velock

    Peace Hope

  108. Lisset LovesGiraffes

    Te amo

  109. Lydia Gebhart

    Love You

  110. Tonya Ward

    Live love an laugh

  111. Emily

    Valentines Day

  112. Camille Hanahardt

    True Bliss

  113. Melissa

    Love Always

  114. Cami Alder

    Please stay

  115. Michaela Hartman

    Forever Alone

  116. Cami Alder


  117. Tristen R

    Love Life

  118. Serena Pacheco

    My love!!!!!!!

  119. Emily

    always Beautiful

  120. Serena Pacheco

    My love

  121. Michaela Hartman


  122. Michaela Hartman


  123. Stefanie

    You’re Adored

  124. Emily

    Huggs kisses

  125. Janet Darcy

    Only You
    I Love Us
    Want To?
    U R Mine

  126. Colleen P

    Cloud Nine!

  127. Karissa

    Unbreakable Love

  128. Julie

    Greatest love

  129. Nikki

    You’re Joyful.

  130. Casey

    Hearties candies!

  131. Nicole Scott


  132. Gilbert Ortiz

    Te Amo!

  133. sheena cohee

    Be mine? Marry me?

  134. Melani Hulette

    1 Thing
    2 Do
    3 Words
    4 You… ILOVEYOU!

  135. Kara

    Cupid’s Arrow

  136. Rose Peake

    MyHeart MyLove

  137. Deanna

    You’re cute

  138. Cheryl

    Beautiful darling

  139. April

    QT PIE

  140. Rose Peake

    Mylove Myheart

  141. Izzi Massie

    Smartie lover

  142. Jill D.

    Sweet Kisses

  143. Nolan Kaylor

    Me Gusta

  144. Natalie c

    Loveme forever

  145. Natalie c

    Forever mine

  146. Mariah M.

    Happy Loving

  147. Chloe Jenkins

    Tell me


  148. Ras Fish

    Sweet love

  149. maddie

    love my pets

  150. J.

    You’re unique

  151. Julia Hagler

    sweet thang

  152. Tom Hagler

    soul mate

  153. Xinjun Ye

    You’re Perfect

  154. Colleen Stump

    Love Granny

  155. Shelley Meacham

    Sweet Thang

  156. pandora

    -My fairytale

  157. Christi-Beth

    Sugar Crush

  158. Abra McKinsey

    Sweet Pea

  159. Sir Cornelius Worthingham IV

    Pretty please?

  160. Lora G.

    Smarties are the best! kids and i would love to get down on a FREE BAG!

  161. Amanda Prophete

    True love.

  162. Jason Coor

    Je t’adore

  163. carly marie

    WowZa! These new smarty hearts are AMAZING, FANTASTIC, AWESOME. Keep coming up with these great ideas! 😀

  164. carly marie

    Love U

  165. carly marie

    True love bug

  166. carly marie

    Forever soul mate

  167. Mikayla G

    True Love

  168. Charlotte Qu

    Sweet Love

  169. carly marie

    Love ya <3

  170. Rick Earl

    Smart n

  171. Nadin

    devotion forever

  172. carly marie

    Happy Valentine’s day!

  173. carly marie

    I don’t like u…….I love U!

  174. carly marie

    Be my valentine

  175. carly marie

    By the way love hearts are a GREAT idea:)

  176. samantha smith

    sweet love

  177. Rachel

    Always Loving

  178. Danielle M

    sweet love

    1. alexis carabantes

      sweet love has already been said by samantha

  179. alexis carabantes


  180. shawna c

    pure love

  181. Laura Switzer


  182. misty goin


  183. alex penning

    forever yours

  184. Mary McGowan

    Smart Ties

  185. Maddie Warchol


  186. Panra Moua

    Beauty Heart.

  187. Amanda G

    evoke love

  188. Beth Shumate

    Best friend

  189. Hannah W.

    ¡ Te Amo!
    ¡Me encantada!

  190. Debra Campbell

    Love Bug

  191. Jennifer sullivan

    Snuggle bunny

  192. Karina A. Clough

    Sweetest Surprise

  193. Rachael fodness

    Simply sweet

  194. Natasha Olivares

    Te Amo

  195. Karina A. Clough

    Sweet SurpriZ

  196. Karina A. Clough

    Just Say

  197. marqui peters

    *Love bug
    *Dino myte
    *4ever mine
    *1 4 3! = 1 letter “I” 4 letters “Love” 3 letters “You”
    *Lovey Dovey
    *Miss U
    *Want U
    *Want me
    *Miss me
    *Love me

  198. josue

    i love smarties

  199. Stacey Short

    One Love

  200. josue

    i love your prodct

  201. Bekah Brey

    Soul mates <3

  202. josue

    hi love you love machie

  203. Ashley Morelock

    Sugar cup

  204. Kathy H

    Love Candy

  205. Sandra

    Super Duper

  206. Emily

    Sweet Smart

    Sweet 4 U

    Smart Love

    Be mine <3

    True Smartie

    Candy heart

  207. Dorothy Smith

    Love Hearts

  208. Lauren

    Twoo Wuv

    (Princess Bride… 😉 )

  209. Susan Beebe

    Love You!

  210. Marnie

    True smartie!
    Cutey Patootee!
    Ate My Heart!
    Sweet Like U!
    Date Tomorrow?
    So Cute!
    Totally Kissable!

  211. Laurie

    Sugar Pie
    Txt Me

  212. Jessica

    One Love #bobmarley

  213. kevin thompson

    Super Duper

  214. alyson blair

    sweet love

  215. alyson blair

    beautiful hearts

  216. Kim Garner

    Love More

  217. Angee Nevarez

    Mommy’s Angel

  218. Jennifer Abercrombie

    Sugar Plum

  219. Kalli Shannon

    Always mine

  220. Stuart SLater

    Lucky me

  221. Mariah Paige

    Just U
    and ME

  222. Olivia Jones

    Baby Love

  223. Christine M

    Sweet Kisses

  224. Sharon

    CallMe Maybe

  225. Kristine Daniels

    Hug me

  226. Kim Langford

    So sweet

  227. cleotilde alavezsantos


  228. cleotilde alavezsantos

    Happy valentin angel i love you can you be my valentin angel!

  229. Melva Big Eagle

    Yum Me

  230. jennifer large

    Marry me!

  231. Jennifer Novak

    Crazy 4U

  232. cleotilde alavezsantos

    For you can

  233. cleotilde alavezsantos

    Cuddly cupid

  234. cleotilde alavezsantos

    Nobody knows exacltly why we celebrate valentin’s Day or when it all ,joyous Roman feast for lovers celebrated around what is now february 14 on our calendar .

  235. cleotilde alavezsantos


  236. Carman Oden

    Yolo My Love

  237. Pamela Snow

    Smooch power

  238. Alexis Clinton

    Much love

  239. Dee Dee

    Hunny Bunny

  240. In the hospital:(

    Sweet Love

  241. Magdalena Castro

    Mag <3 Kids

  242. Sam Srinivasan

    love bug

  243. Eduardo Lopez

    My Crush

  244. Michelle B.

    Love YA

  245. Linda White

    Sweet Luv!

  246. Angie Davis

    I’m taken

  247. Michelle Coles

    Be Mine!

  248. Chrystal Maneval

    Sweet Cheeks!

  249. Chrystal Maneval

    Sweet Cheeks

  250. Dana Cavanaugh

    Love’s folly

  251. chavonta williams


  252. kimberly criner

    Love tator

  253. Davia Campbell

    Sweet love

  254. Angela Fung

    Marry me

  255. Destiny Bryant

    sweet treat

  256. LaNeice

    Forever Yours

  257. ann emberton


  258. cheri

    Hearts Desire

  259. Debbie Seavey Warren

    Honey Dearest!

  260. Ann Yutuc

    I love you honey boo
    Be my matey
    Your my world
    Take my hand
    Hug my heart tight
    Give my a heart a tug

  261. Christina

    Sweety Pie

  262. Lara

    Valentines day was made for Smarties candy!!! No other candy tastes to good!

  263. linda


  264. raymond

    I’d tell you I love you but is that true?
    Because when my heart stops I’m not looking at you.
    When I vision a life we could have together,
    I see nothing not even a feather.
    I think of you when I see the sun,
    Just like it your in my way when I try to run
    Then why does it seem like I love you
    Because baby this poem is so untrue

    Bittersweet; by: Ray

  265. Thanks for incdrouting a little rationality into this debate.

  266. Anu

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