6 Easy Ways to Exercise With No Equipment

Smarties love exercise– it’s a vital part of a healthy lifestyle!  Here’s a list of six convenient exercises that you can do anytime, (practically) anywhere for free:

1. Push-Ups! Get broad and strong.

You may not be fond of doing push-ups. Maybe you even have nightmares about doing them from your school gym classes (or is that just me?). However, they are a great way to start working out your upper body without having to go anywhere. Push-ups on the ground too difficult? Do them against a wall to start at an angle that’s comfortable for you!

2. Crunches! Sculpt those abs.

Crunches are another effective bodyweight exercise that is versatile and easy to do. Forget the infomercials for magic belly trimmers and get crunching- there are no short cuts for hard work! Crunches are perfect for strengthening your abdominal area, and developing a strong core is an integral part of any fitness routine.

3. Curls: Soup Lifting For You!

Do you have cans of soups, beans, or other foods in your pantry? They’re more than nourishment! Those cans can be used as handy weights. You can lift individual cans or you can place multiple cans in a sturdy bag and customize the appropriate weight for you. These homemade weights make it easy to do various arm exercises such as curls, shoulder-presses and tricep presses.

4. Run! Not for your life, but for your health.

Running, jogging and walking are great ways to stay in shape and reduce stress. As they say, you have to walk before you can run, so if running or jogging is not for you, walk. If it’s too hot outside, go out early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the heat. Or, don’t even leave your house. You can run, jog and walk in place, and no one will see how silly you may look (we think you look great)!

5. Step it up! Take it to the next level.

Literally, take it to the next level and add in stairs to your routine. It’s a little more intense, but it has major payoffs. Jogging or walking up a set of stairs strengthens your legs while improving your cardio. You should not run back down the stairs (potentially dangerous), but rather walk slowly and carefully, using that time to catch your breath. Don’t have a staircase in your home? Stepping up and down a single step works well too!

6. Squat! Sit down, and get back up…

Yet another bodyweight exercise, the squat, is a fantastic way to strengthen your legs. It requires absolutely no equipment to do a basic squat. Chairs are a useful prop for people who are new to squatting.  Squats too easy for you? Hold some of your homemade grocery weights during the squat routine and really feel the burn.

We hope you enjoy these exercises as much as we do! Like anything, it will take time and determination to see and feel results from the work you do. The most important part is sticking with it. Good luck and have fun! And remember, “No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”

Sweet Wishes,

The Smarties Intern

Disclaimer: We are exercise enthusiasts, not experts! Please consult with a medical or fitness professional before making lifestyle changes that could impact your health.

  1. core exercises

    Another core exercise is the abduction exercise that is highly recommended and superb for the outer thighs and hips. This is where one must be on the surface sideways on the floor with a leg atop the other. Use the hands to balance yourself and lift one of the outer legs forming an angle of 45 degrees. The position must be maintained for around two seconds and later the leg must be lowered in a way that returns it to its original posture. The movement should be repeated around ten or so times followed by a roll over towards another side for the same.

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