“Get Smartie” with Stacy Igel on Lockerz!

Want to visit out our real-life candyland? Watch the “Get Smartie” episode of the Lockerz mini-series, Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel featuring Smarties Candy Company! Fashion designer, Stacy Igel, takes a tour of the Smarties factory and shows our Smarties gal, Liz Dee, how to *Smartdazzle* a Boy Meets Girl Zoe Tee!

Do you have any questions for Liz or Stacy?  Attend our LIVE Facebook chat on the Boy Meets Girl Facebook page TONIGHT, 12/22/11, from 8-9pm E.T. to ask them yourself!

Sweet wishes,

The Smarties Family

  1. Jennie Butler

    I believe I hold the world record for the most Smarties ever eaten in little over a years time!!

  2. Jennie Butler

    I would like to hear any stories or comments!

  3. brandon melvin

    i want to know if i can take my niece on a tour of your factory because she loves smarties sometimes she will even carry around a 1 gallon zip block bag full eating them one by one. Thank You for your time
    Brandon Melvin

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