31 Winners of the 31 Days of Smarties!

1 of 31 Smarties Prize Packs (ghost & gourds not included)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  The time has come to announce the winners of our “31 Days of Smarties” countdown to Halloween and giveaway!

We were so impressed and touched by your many sweet entries.  Thank you all!  We chose the 31 winners of a Smarties prize pack based on fun-factor, creativity and Smartie-ness.  31 smartyriffic people have proven themselves to be *Smart Choice Smarties BFFs* and will receive a Smarties prize pack!  Here are their winning entries:

  1. “Smarties are my smart choice for Halloween because they’re one of my favorite candies and I want to eat all of the leftover candy.  (We might ‘run out’ of candy alittle early.)” – Miriam Tirips
  2. Paula's Smarties Butterfly

    “Smarties are my smart choice for Halloween because they are popular with kids and adults alike (and they fit in anywhere, like in our landscaping)!” – Paula Kiger

  3. “Smarties are always my Smart Halloween choice because they are completely fat-free, so it’s a little indulgence everyone can afford.”  – Jessica Theisen de Gonzolez
  4. “Smarties are my smart choice for Halloween because… my son has food allergies and Smarties ARE a safe candy for him to eat!” – Chad-Melissa Reece
  5. “Smarties are a smart choice.  My BFF and I snacked on them when we areauditing bank branches.  No better choice for keeping sharp and smart!! Yum.” – Ruth-Marie Luft Nizolak
  6. “Having a #SmartHalloween @Smarties they’ve been my favorite since I was a little girl and I want to share the Smarties Love #NJ” – @pizzalogger
  7. “If Charlie Brown would come to MY house on Halloween, I’ll give him @Smarties instead of a rock! They’re my fave #SmartHalloween treat.” -@BethShumate
  8. “For #smarthalloween we switch out bad candy that our kids might get when trick-or-treating for @Smarties #peanutallergy” – @GeekDad248
    @catestew's Smarties Label

  9. “We’re having a #SmartHalloween with@Smarties! They’re #foodallergy friendly & are clearly labeled! http://t.co/6nGVN2QY” -@catestew
  10. “Having a #SmartHalloween with @Smarties because my tummy knows yummy and smarties are yummylicious” &  “@Smarties#SmartHalloweenmake the best choice, not sticky, not messy, everyone loves them, affordable = classic all the way”  – @justmeloulou  <- Multiple smartie-riffic entries!
  11. “@smarties Smarties are my smart choice for Halloween, because they are perfect for decorating ghoulish cupcakes! #SmartHalloween” & “@Smarties Smarties® are my #SmartHalloween choice, because no animals were harmed in making them! #vegantreats”  – @rkosully <- Multiple smartie-riffic entries!
  12. “#SmartHalloween sharing is caring and I plan to share my @Smarties thisHalloween. Pay it forward and make someone SMILE with smarties!”  “Our Family will be having a #SmartHalloween because we use @Smarties for learning. They are fun while playing games. A great mini reward too”  -@alicatalley <- Multiple smartie-riffic entries!
  13. “Having a #SmartHalloween with @Smarties because my kids and I love eating them together!”  -@jaclynfett
  14. Starr's Smarties Cauldron

    “Having a #SmartHalloween with @Smarties because I need to be extra smart with all of those ghosts and goblins out on the street :)”  – @LSAS1

  15. “My family is having a #SmartHalloween because our Cauldron is filled with Smarties®!”  – Starr Smith-Anders
  16. “Having a #SmartHalloween with @Smarties because this “Mummy” is no dummy!”  –  @durstslovepens
  17. “I am having a #SmartHalloween with @Smarties because they are my kiddos favorite candy all year round.” – @yourpotofgoldl
  18. “It’s a #SmartHalloween with @Smarties. I always ate them before tests (b/c they made you smarter.) Now my kids to do it. All A’sBABY!!!!!!”  – @t_winslow
  19. ”Having a #SmartHalloween with @Smarties because its been a fav of mine for over 30 yrs!” – @LUCINDA574
  20. Smarties are The Smart Choice for the little ones on Halloween! I got mine! Mom taught me well ♥” – Alita Alexander
  21. Alita's Bag of Smarties

    To have a #smarthalloween, you need @smarties! because they are delicious & gone in seconds! example: http://t.co/5qDbkx6O”  – @superstarshineh

  22. “Smarties® are my smart choice for Halloween because we don’t get any trick or treaters where we live so they’re ALL MINE! Bahhhh hhaaa hhaaaa!” – Julie Dozier
  23. “Smarties® are my smart choice for Halloween because that’s just how i Roll ! LOL” & “Smarties® are my smart choice for Halloween because they make me feel like a kid again :)”  -Beth Johnson Titus <- Multiple smartie-riffic entries!
  24. “Smarties® are my smart choice for Halloween because they’re a favorite in our house. Of course we use them for treats, but they’re also good for practising counting, making shapes, and of course bribing kids to get a few extra chores done. ;)” – Michele Malone & “@Smarties are my pick for halloween because they’ve been a family favorite for years. dad loves to share them with my kids. #SmartHalloween”-@lolamichele
  25. “Not just for Halloween, we carry Smarties with us all year for our diabetic (type I) son. They are the perfect thing to raise his blood sugar just enough, and they are very portable…they don’t melt or get squished! We love Smarties…they are a SMART choice!” – David St. Clair
  26. “Smarties® are the smart choice for Halloween because they make me go mmmmm…..when I eat them!” – Tina Bartunek
  27. “Smarties is my choice for Halloween because they are just plain good ….when you see that lil roll of candy in a dish or a bag full and it brings back the child in ya ….i love smarties and im saying this an adult …they are almost addicting …i watched last night a program on how they were made and it was so interesting …if you havent tried some you need to and for those of us who know the great taste of smarties ….dont just wait til Halloween go out and get some today ..Now !!!”  – Kathleen Zavala
  28. “Smarties are my smart choice for Halloween because they’re delicious, easy to eat, don’t make a mess, and can easily be shared. :)”  – Liz Kathleen Perrotti
  29. Top 10 reason why Smarties are my monster’s smart choice for Halloween : ‎10. With a transplanted brain, I need all the Smarties I can get. 9. Villagers carrying Smarties are much more friendly than villagers carrying torches & pitchforks. 8. Four words…..”  – Monster for Rent <- A whole blog post of smartie-riffic entries!
  30. “On Saturday, we went to a fundraiser for the Senior Nutrition Program in our rural community. When my daughter won a prize, she choose the gift basket that had @Smarties in it! Our #SmartChoice for a #SmartHalloween ♥” & “My choice for a #SmartHalloween is Smarties® Bite-sized goodness that everyone loves!” – Natalie J. Vandenberghe <- Multiple smartie-riffic entries!
  31. “Smarties are my smart choice for Halloween because they have been around for 62 years you cant beat a classic!” – Crystal Moyer

If you are one of the *Smart Choice Smarties BFFs* listed above, congratulations! Please email Contact@Smarties.com with your mailing information.

Note: Winners must provide a mailing address within the USA.

For we switch out bad candy that our kids might get when trick-or-treating for
  1. Starr Smith-Anders

    I didn’t get a reply from my email. I just wanted to make sure that it was recieved. Thank you.

    1. Hi Starr, It was received! We will email you shortly 🙂

  2. Sarah S

    Congrats to all the lucky Smarties winners!! You are all so Smart!!

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