31 Days of Smarties! Day 25.

It’s Day 25 of our “31 Days of Smarties” giveaway & count-down to Halloween!

Reason #25 why we think Smarties are a smart choice for Halloween: After much experimentation in our top secret laboratory, we release *new candies* such as our BRAND NEW Mystery Smarties! These are mega sized, our biggest Smarties size. They are also mega mysterious. The colors do NOT correspond with the flavors, and the flavors range from our original Smarties flavors to X-Treme Sour to Tropical so you will get a variety of surprise Smarties goodness. See if you and your friends can guess all the flavors! We dare ya!

Care to win one of 31 Smarties prizes? If so, now it’s your turn to tell us why Smarties are your smart choice for Halloween!

Keep reading for the giveaway details:

On each of the 31 days of October, we will post a reason why we think Smarties are the smart choice for Halloween & for each of the 31 days of October, we will give away a bag of Smarties AND a Smarties Theater Box!

That’s 31 Smarties prizes for 31 days of Smarties!!! You can enter to win one of 31 prizes in 2 ways:

1) Like Smarties on Facebook and post a comment, photo with caption or video on our wall about why Smarties are YOUR smart choice for Halloween. An entry comment, caption or video may have a message like this: “Smarties are my smart choice for Halloween because…”

2) Follow @Smarties on Twitter and tweet why Smarties are your smart choice for Halloween with the hash tag #SmartHalloween and mention @Smarties. An entry tweet may look like this: “Having a #SmartHalloween with @Smarties because…”

Smarties Prize Pack! (ghost & gourds not included)

Entries will be accepted from October 1st to October 31st at 11am EST. The 31 winners will be announced on Halloween (Monday, October 31st) at noon!

Up to three entries per person, per day. Entries will be judged for fun-factor, creativity and Smartie-ness. Winners must provide a mailing address within the USA. Good luck!!!

– The Smarties Family

  1. don

    I love smarties

  2. Ginger Major

    Smarties is my choice for Halloween because they are a great way to get my candy fix while not overdoing it on sugar. A great candy for diabetics.

    1. That’s great to hear, Ginger! Thank you!!!

  3. Elizabeth

    Any Smarties flavor is a good flavor! Mystery Smarties sound fun!!!! Another good reason for them to be my choice for Halloween.

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