100 Calories Looks Like This

Ever wonder what 100 calories of candy looks like?

It looks like 60 Smarties (that’s four original 15-tablet Smarties rolls)!

On the Women’s Health website, there is a fun and enlightening game where you guess the candy image that represents 100 calories.  Click here to check it out 🙂

– The Smarties Family

  1. Susan Hughes

    I love smarties but how much sugar, carbs and fat is in those 4 rolls? I can do the 100 calories if the other contents go with my weight loss plan.

    1. sharli

      good girl

  2. marsha

    Crap. This is my favorite candy. Oh well.

  3. Linda

    Fat?!? There’s no fat in Smarties.

    Also, if you just eat one roll, it’s not a big deal. Only 25 calories. 😉

  4. lucy

    how much sugar , calories , and all that is in 8 rolls of smarties?

  5. Kathryn

    You can assume that there is no fat or protein in Smarties. There are 4 calories in each gram of sugar so 100 calories / 4 = 25 grams of sugar in four packets of Smarites.

  6. sophia forsythe

    Super but i just had 60 so thats all the sugar i needed for the day.

  7. sistap

    There are 6 carbs/ 6g of sugar in one roll.

  8. anna

    ok i really love smartys so i dont care

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