Video of our Hall-Of-Famer!

We’d like to follow up on our Candy Hall-Of-Fame post with a video of our Hall-Of-Famer, Eric Ostrow. Hear our VP Sales & Marketing discuss his favorite Smarties flavor and watch some behind the scenes clips!

Sweet wishes,

– The Smarties Family

Keep reading for a text transcription of the video.

Video Transcription:

(Eric Ostrow) “My name is Eric Ostrow and I am the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Smarties Candy Company.   I started my employment in May of 1980. Our products haven’t changed much in 30 years according to formula.   This year, we sold about 7 million pounds of Smarties in the United States for Halloween.  If you break that down into individual tablets, you’re looking at about 6.3 billion tablets.  We sold as many Smarties rolls at Halloween as would wrap around the Earth!  My favorite is the white.   It is a creamsicle flavor.  It’s just absolutely delicious!”

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