Video of Smarties Founder!

Did you know, Smarties Candy Company is family-owned and family-run by three generations of the Dee family?  They drive each other crazy work in harmony under one roof at their New Jersey headquarters.

Watch our (first ever!) video of Eddie Dee, the founder of Smarties Candy Company as he reflects on founding his family business.


– The Smarties Family

Keep reading for a text transcription of the video.

Video Transcription:

(Eddie Dee) “If everyone ate as much candy as I eat, we would need a much bigger factory to produce all the candy that we’d need! My name is Edward Dee, and I am the founder of Ce De Candy [Smarties Candy Company] which makes Smarties, candy rolls. I’m 86, and I’m not retired. I always hoped it would be a family business, but… nobody knew. It’s very gratifying to see your family coming in- the next generation- taking over and taking it to the next plateau, and then, the next generation!”

  1. vangie h. socco

    i just love the feeling of tasting it. its been the same after all this years!

  2. Mary

    Congratulations to the Dee family and cheers to many wonderful years ahead!!

  3. Smarties

    Thank you Vangie and Marie for your sweet Comments!!!

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