Smarties® creme

Smarties<sup>®</sup> creme

Not only twice the fun, but twice the flavor! Smarties® 'n creme two-toned tablets offer a whole new approach to the classic candy in our biggest Smarties® size.

The mega sized mouthfuls are loaded with tangy fruit flavor topped with a dairy-free creme. Now you can enjoy the flavors of Smarties® with a tasty twist!

Several new flavors join the beloved originals in this luscious lineup:

  • Red & White = Strawberry ‘n creme
  • Blue & White = Blueberry ‘n creme
  • Purple & White = Raspberry ‘n creme
  • Yellow & White = Peach ‘n creme
  • Orange & White = Orange ‘n creme

Suitable for everyone, these creamy delights are a welcome addition to the Smarties® family. For the classic flavors, try our Mega Smarties® or tempt your taste buds with the original Smarties® rolls.

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I've been enjoying Smarties for 30+ years. You can't go wrong with them! They're good for everyday snacking, handing out at Halloween, or putting out for a party. Kathy, Rochester NY