Smarties® Double Lollies

Smarties<sup>®</sup> Double Lollies


Smarties® Double Lollies in two fruit flavors

If you love Smarties®, you’re guaranteed to enjoy our Smarties® Double Lollies.

Smarties® Double Lollies bring you the delicious fruity flavors of Smarties® in lollipop form. Convenient for eating on the go, Smarties® lollipops are great for gift bags, holiday candy or special everyday treats.

Smarties® Double Lollies feature two fruity Smarties® flavors in every lollipop with two combinations to choose from. Give your sweet tooth what it needs with these fun lollipops.

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Smarties are awesome! They melt in your mouth quickly... My 10 year old son uses them for his diabetic lows…Thanks Smarties!!! Stacy, Parma OH