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Jun 26

Well Said

Jun 25

Up close and Personal

Jun 24

Office Blooms

Check out what’s blooming!

Jun 21

Fridays Are Sweet

Jun 20


Jun 19

Doggy Face-Off

Who gets the roll?

Jun 18

Mega Lollies

Mega makes everything better.

Jun 17

Smarties Hits 1 Million Likes on Facebook

We hit ONE MILLION “Likes” on Facebook!!! The Smarties Family thanks you (yes YOU!) for your continued support. You’re the best!

Jun 14

Sweet Gift

Treat your dad right this Father’s Day 🙂

Jun 13

Hello, genius.

Jun 12

Do you..?

Jun 11

I’m A Smartie

You are too!

Jun 10

Smarties Assortment

And your favorite is… ?

Jun 7

Sweet Friday

Wishing you a very sweet Friday!

Jun 5

Smarties Are Rich

…In flavor and history. Feel free to caption this!

Jun 3

Smarties Pouches

Treat on the go!

May 29

Doggy Wants

Can I haz Smartees?

May 23

Party Bags


May 22

Two is Better Than One

May 21

More Money More Problems?

Nah, just more Smarties.

May 20

Animal Mismatch

Smarties don’t have to make sense of everything…

May 14

Surprised Monkey


May 8

Sweet Party Favors

Thank you all things simple for creating these awesome party favors! Looks like this party was a success!

Apr 30

New Design!

Keep reading

Apr 22

Happy Earth Day

We live on a great planet! Let’s respect it.