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Aug 5

Have a Mega Monday!

Aug 1

Baby Monkey

Jul 31

Friendly Words

Smarties will always take the bus with you.

Jul 30

Mega Lollies

“One for me. One for you.”

Jul 29

Giant Smarties

Oh, you know, just some Giant Smarties…

Jul 26

Smarties Ice Cream

Would you like some?

Jul 25

Lunchtime Treat!

Jul 24

Wise Words from Lincoln

You can do it!

Jul 23


meg·a – adjective – Very large; huge

Jul 22


Congratulations to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William on their baby boy!!!

Jul 22


Jul 19

Happy Friday

Hope you have an X-tremely nice weekend.

Jul 18

Smarties or Work?

Hmmm pretty easy choice. Thanks to Eric Von Lehmden for posting this on our Facebook Page!

Jul 16

Beat the Heat

Tropical Smarties for the tropical heat here at Smarties HQ.

Jul 15

Too Many Smarties?


Jul 12

Kind Words

Words to live by.

Jul 11

Cute Photo

We love this photo! Thanks to Diana Rose Rodriguez for posting this on our Facebook Page!

Jul 10

Free Fun!

Like Word Search? Digital Air Hockey? Puzzles? Bubble Trouble? Procrastinating? Play our totally free (and FUN!) games! http://www.smarties.com/games/

Jul 9

Motivated Penguins

Jul 8

Sweet Couple

Jul 5

X-Treme Sour

X-tremely easy as 1, 2, 3!

Jul 4

Happy Fourth of July!

Have a great day!

Jul 2

Movie Treats!

Jul 1

Pig Will Sing

It’s a deal!

Jun 27

Roll Solo

Sometimes you gotta roll solo.