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Dec 27

Warm up with Smarties!

Dec 16

Smile! It’s the lolliday season!

Dec 13

Short & Sweet

Dec 10

Smarties Holiday Sweater

Dec 9

Festive look that glows in the dark!

Dec 1

Happy Hanukkah!

Nov 28

Happy Thanksgiving from the Smarties Turkey

Nov 27

Happy Hanukkah!

Nov 27

Our Yellow Collection

Nov 26

Built by Smarties.

Nov 22

Orange you glad it’s Friday?

Nov 22

Feeling blue?

Nov 21

Get $mart

Nov 9

Box office hit!

Nov 7

Pop culture.

Nov 6

Mega lolly pinwheels

I know playing with your food is frowned upon.  However, playing with candy can yield some beautiful art!

Nov 6

Meet Hank, the official spokescat of Smarties. Eat Smarties meow!

Nov 5

Reach in for a Tuesday treat!

Oct 30

Safe AND Delicious

Not only are Smarties safe and delicious, they’re also tamper-evident, gluten-free, vegan and free of most known allergens! Find out more here: http://www.smarties.com/allergen/

Oct 30

DIY Halloween Wreath

Warning: This wreath will attract trick or treaters. Be sure to have candy on hand! DIY instructions from Simmworks here: http://bit.ly/SmartiesWreath

Oct 29

Smarties Artist at Work

Oct 22

Three is not a crowd.

Oct 16

And we can pop. And we will pop.

Oct 7


Oct 2

Sneak a peek of this fresh batch of Smarties!