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May 10

Give Mom a roll of hugs this Mother’s Day!

May 8

A bright idea?

May 7

Mega Wave!

May 5

Smarties Giant Double Take

Apr 30

Mouthwatering Megas

Apr 26

Lolly Love

Apr 20

Happy Easter!

Apr 11

Party Supplies

Apr 3

Down Mega Road

Feb 25

Smarties Mega rolls rock!

Feb 20

Three rolls make a right!

Feb 15

Hope your weekend is going swimmingly!

Feb 12

Candy Shop Trainee

Many thanks to Sweeties Candy of Arizona¬†for these adorable videos! ¬†    

Feb 11

Sweet romance!

Feb 10

Can you feel the love?

Feb 10

Smarties has love in the bag.

Feb 7

Too shy? Let the candy do the talking!

Feb 4

Happy 10th birthday Facebook!

Jan 26

Grammy Night!

Jan 15

Color Wheel

Jan 12


Jan 6

Three Kings’ Day 2014!

Jan 3

“Feline Fine” Friday

Jan 2

It’s COLD!

Jan 1

Happy New Year!