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Aug 11

Summer Fun With Smarties!

Smarties in July brings sunshine, warm nights, and good old fashioned summer fun.  Whether you enjoy Smarties by the pool, swinging on the swings, or just on a late night walk, this candy won’t melt!  Share with your friends or eat it … Keep reading

Apr 16

New Jersey Rocks!

Here at Smarties headquarters, we’re proud to claim New Jersey as our home. Turns out, we’re in excellent company; Bon Jovi is a NJ rock -n- roll staple, and we just so happen to have his album named after our beloved state!   … Keep reading

Mar 30

Smarties roundup!

 Fruit is beautiful.  Smarties fruity flavors were our inspiration this month.  Here are four of our favorites from the collection.  Follow us on Instagram @smartiescandycompany for more photos like these.  Like us on Facebook here & tweet us @Smarties.

Oct 17

It’s Friday!

Oct 9

Sweet dreams!

Sep 1

Calling all Smarties! Ready for back to school?

Aug 26

Roll call!

Aug 9

Happiness is… sharing Smarties with friends.

Aug 5

Pocket Friendly

Jul 11

Grape Taste

Jun 27

Confectionery Collection

Jun 27

Chew on this!

Jun 26

Mini Morsels

Jun 24

Will Smile For Smarties

Jun 21

Hand It Over

Jun 10

Smarties Huddle

May 27


May 25

Did we mention we love Sundays?

Apr 5

Sour or Original?

Apr 3

Shining Star

Mar 21

Contain yourselves…

Jan 13

Browse our stacks.

Jan 7

2, 4, 6, ATE!

Dec 19

See the forest for the Smarties.

Dec 17

Underneath the mistletoe tonight!