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Dec 7

Smarties Candy Canes

Tis The Season to deck the halls, ring the bells, sing the carols, light the candles and- of course- eat candy canes.  That’s why we are delighted to announce that it is *officially* Smarties Candy Cane season! If, like us, … Keep reading

Nov 22

Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 21



Nov 8


These cookies look awfully familiar… (Photo from http://www.cristinscookies.com/)  

Oct 24

Halloween Cures with Smarties

Amy from AsTheBunnyHops.com shows us how to make these Halloween Cures with Smarties! She writes, “Cure any Halloween ailment with this easy and inexpensive craft.” Learn how to make this fun DIY craft with Smarties here.  Happy crafting! Sweet wishes, … Keep reading

Aug 31

Smarties Back To School Giveaway!

What would you do with a YEAR’s supply of Smarties? TEN lucky people are going to find out… Enter to win our giveaway on Facebook here!  It’s super simple to enter.   Giveaway ends Thursday, September 20th. Good luck and … Keep reading

Jul 26

As far as the eye can see!

Jul 25

You’ve got a lot of nerve…

Feb 28

Leapin’ Smarties Leap Year

“Why are there Leap Years?”  I was wondering this and did a little research… Smartifact: Leap Years have 366 days to keep on track with the solar year.  The extra day is February 29th, of course! Every four years we … Keep reading

Feb 7

Gluten Free Smarties Video *cute*

Gluten-Free, Smarties Candy, Video, Gluten-Free Candy Keep reading

Dec 22

“Get Smartie” with Stacy Igel on Lockerz!

Want to visit out our real-life candyland? Watch the “Get Smartie” episode of the Lockerz mini-series, Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel featuring Smarties Candy Company! Fashion designer, Stacy Igel, takes a tour of the Smarties factory and shows our … Keep reading

Dec 20

*NEW* Mystery Smarties

Dear Friend of Smarties, We are pleased and proud to announce the launch of a NEW Smarties product:  Mystery Smarties!  It took over a year of brainstorming, designing and tasting (the hardest part ;)), but we emerged victorious and ready … Keep reading

Oct 3

Spooky Halloween Printables

With Halloween right around the corner, you may want to spookify your space…  Our crafty smarty, Wendy, put together fun “Subway Art” printables (in 3 colors!) to add to your Halloween decor!  See how she printed and framed the black … Keep reading

Sep 7

Sweeties With a Sweet Tooth

Do you have a sweet tooth?  You are likely to be “sweet” yourself!  A recent article in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology documents five studies showing this embodied metaphor. So, if you like Smarties, you are probably a … Keep reading

Sep 1

Hey there, Smartie Pants

We are completely delighted that the fantastic crafty work of Beth Proudfoot (http://bethproudfoot.blogspot.com) is featured in September’s issue of Parenting Magazine! Check out more of her Smartie pants printables for good luck here, the first day of school here, for … Keep reading

Aug 31

Smarties for Smarties

We have always loved the idea of Smarties candy for “smarties!”  It’s a sweet incentive for students and life-long learners alike.  So, when we came across this super post by Mrs. Bell (of A Place Called Kindergarten), we had to … Keep reading

Aug 12

DIY Smarties Teacher’s Gift

Back to school already? You might want to think about teacher’s gifts… Stephanie from SomewhatSimple.com came up with this (fast and easy) DIY “Back-to-School ‘Little Smarties’ Teacher’s Gift” that we love!  Click here for instruction how to make it. Is … Keep reading

Aug 11

BlogHer 2011

BlogHer was awesome.  End of story. Wait, you want to know more?  Then read on, friends… This past BlogHer was August 4-6 in beautiful San Diego, California.  As explained on the BlogHer website, BlogHer ’11 hosted “over three thousand attendees … Keep reading

Jun 17

Hats off to grads!

Dear class of 2011 graduates, We at Smarties salute you!  You have worked long and hard and to you, your families and friends we extend a warm congratulations, a pat on the back and a fist bump! We wish you … Keep reading

Mar 24

Pink Bunny Challenge

The other day on the Smarties Facebook page, Courtney Danielle commented that we should make a pink Smarties bunny for Easter. We heartily accept this Smarties Pink Bunny challenge, and have already begun setting aside pink Smarties…   As you can … Keep reading