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Apr 10

Time to stock up!

Apr 7

Options galore…

Apr 7

Opportunity to share.

Apr 3

Mega Brilliant

Apr 3

Shining Star

Apr 3

Down Mega Road

Apr 2

Sample Room Sneak Peek

Mar 29

Candy gazing…

Mar 28

The Sour Hour

Mar 27

A happy heap!

Mar 26

Newsflash: Police use Smarties to promote seat belt safety!

Students in Clearwater Florida were rewarded for buckling up with Smarties candy by their local police department. Countryside High School earned so many Smarties that the police ran out! We applaud the students for their commitment to safety.

Mar 22

We love weekends!

Mar 20

Welcome Spring!

Mar 19

Hand’s Eye View

Mar 18

Half full or half empty?

Mar 17

Howlin’ at the moon!

Mar 8

Daylight Saving Reminder!

Set your clock forward one hour Sunday at 2 a.m.

Mar 4

Smartie Gras 2014!

Mar 1

For your Oscar party…

Feb 28

Mega Lolly Landscape

Feb 28

Tropical flavored TBT!

Feb 27

Throw Back Thursday

Feb 21

Wheel Of Smarties

Thank you to our Facebook fan, Leanne Carson of North Carolina for this caption!

Feb 19

Birthday wishes to the fishes!

Feb 18

Dreaming of Spring!