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Aug 16

Roll with it.

Aug 1

Fruity Friday

Jul 11

Grape Taste

May 21

Six legged Smartie?

Apr 16

Still life.

Mar 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Jan 29


Jan 24

Fantasy Friday!

Jan 17

Candy Fox Friday!

Jan 10

Keep Calm & Wag On

Dec 25

Merry Christmas!

Dec 21

Bundle up!

Dec 20

Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Nov 13

Smarties love

Nov 6

Mega lolly pinwheels

I know playing with your food is frowned upon.  However, playing with candy can yield some beautiful art!

Nov 2

Don’t forget to “fall back” at 2 a.m.

Nov 1

Goodbye Halloween. Hello Day of the Dead!

Oct 29

Smarties Artist at Work

Oct 11

What’s on the desk of a Smarties artist?

Sep 25

Who ate all the Smarties?

Sep 6

Like Fridays? LOVE Fridays!

Sep 5

NFL Season Kicks Off Tonight!

Are you a fan?

Aug 29

What’s On Your Playlist Today?

Jul 26

Smarties Ice Cream

Would you like some?

Dec 20

Happy Holidays!

Kerri, our resident Smarties Artist, created this Smarties Tree in honor of the holiday season because! Sweet wishes and happy holidays, The Smarties Family