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Oct 4

31 Days of Smarties! Day 28.

It’s Day 28 of our “31 Days of Smarties” giveaway & count-down to Halloween! Reason #28 why we think Smarties are a smart choice for Halloween: Smarties come in a variety of sizes! Whether you are in the mood for … Keep reading

Oct 3

31 Days of Smarties! Day 29.

It’s Day 29 of our “31 Days of Smarties” giveaway & count-down to Halloween! Reason #29 why we think Smarties are a smart choice for Halloween:  Smarties have been around since 1949, and the Smarties formula has changed very little … Keep reading

Oct 2

31 Days of Smarties! DAY 30.

It’s Day 30 of our “31 Days of Smarties” giveaway & count-down to Halloween! Reason #30 why we think Smarties are a smart choice for Halloween:  Smarties tablets are those iconic pastel colors.  We know how important it is to … Keep reading

Oct 1

31 Days of Smarties! DAY 31.

It’s Day 31 of our “31 Days of Smarties” giveaway & count-down to Halloween! Reason #31 why we think Smarties are a smart choice for Halloween:  Smarties are fun.  We often hear that people have fun eating our Smarties candy, … Keep reading

Sep 29

31 Days of Smarties! (are coming…)

We are counting down to Halloween with a giveaway 🙂  Win your treats from Smarties! On each of the 31 days of October, we will post a reason why we think Smarties are the smart choice for Halloween & for … Keep reading

Sep 7

Sweeties With a Sweet Tooth

Do you have a sweet tooth?  You are likely to be “sweet” yourself!  A recent article in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology documents five studies showing this embodied metaphor. So, if you like Smarties, you are probably a … Keep reading

Sep 1

Hey there, Smartie Pants

We are completely delighted that the fantastic crafty work of Beth Proudfoot (http://bethproudfoot.blogspot.com) is featured in September’s issue of Parenting Magazine! Check out more of her Smartie pants printables for good luck here, the first day of school here, for … Keep reading

Aug 31

Smarties for Smarties

We have always loved the idea of Smarties candy for “smarties!”  It’s a sweet incentive for students and life-long learners alike.  So, when we came across this super post by Mrs. Bell (of A Place Called Kindergarten), we had to … Keep reading

Aug 12

DIY Smarties Teacher’s Gift

Back to school already? You might want to think about teacher’s gifts… Stephanie from SomewhatSimple.com came up with this (fast and easy) DIY “Back-to-School ‘Little Smarties’ Teacher’s Gift” that we love!  Click here for instruction how to make it. Is … Keep reading

Aug 11

BlogHer 2011

BlogHer was awesome.  End of story. Wait, you want to know more?  Then read on, friends… This past BlogHer was August 4-6 in beautiful San Diego, California.  As explained on the BlogHer website, BlogHer ’11 hosted “over three thousand attendees … Keep reading

Jul 13

Rock Candy Recipe (Be a rock star!)

If you love sweetness, you probably already have a soft spot for rock candy.  It’s sweet.  It’s sparkly.  It’s fun to eat.  And it’s easy to make at home where you can choose the flavor & color of your candy. … Keep reading

Jun 29

Katy Perry loves candy.

If you didn’t know from her music video, “California Gurls,” Katy Perry loves candy, cupcakes, rainbows and unicorns.  In her “California Dreams Tour 2011,” Perry sports some candyriffic outfits that I may or may not need to steal for this … Keep reading

Jun 16

Smarties heart this Book Bag

Smarties like big books and we cannot lie… And big books require this hilarious book bag!  Thanks to our friend, @Antof9, for sharing where we could find the whole book-themed song. ROFL, The Smarties Family

May 30

Smarties American Flag

We have really enjoyed getting creative with Smarties.  Smarties tablets are excellent for combining to make larger images- the ultimate pointillism.  Who doesn’t love edible art?! For this past Memorial Day, we made a Smarties American flag. It took a … Keep reading

May 17

100 Calories Looks Like This

Ever wonder what 100 calories of candy looks like? It looks like 60 Smarties (that’s four original 15-tablet Smarties rolls)! On the Women’s Health website, there is a fun and enlightening game where you guess the candy image that represents … Keep reading

May 9

Smarties for Safe-Drivers

We were glad to see that Smarties were recently handed out as a sweet reward for high school students who were driving safely by wearing their seat belts, not talking on the phone and not texting.

May 6

Spring Smarties Give-Away!

We have announced our Spring Smarties Give-Away on Facebook!! Post your Spring-y photo with Smarties in it on our Facebook page for one of three chances to win a bag of Smarties Parties (photo above) which includes a variety of … Keep reading

May 4

Cavities Are Contagious?!

After decades of being the scapegoat, candy has been vindicated- at least in part!  Studies have found that cavities like colds, can be “caught.”

May 2

Meet Lenny, Plant Manager at Smarties

Ever wondered what it’s like working at a candy factory? Hear it from the source! Lenny, our New Jersey plant manager, discusses working at Smarties and why he’s sworn to secrecy… Enjoy! -The Smarties Family PS- Keep reading for a … Keep reading

Apr 27

Study Shows: Candy Eaters are Slimmer

Yep, you read that right!  A recent study by researchers at Louisiana State University Agricultural Center found that people who eat candy and chocolate “tend to have smaller waists, weigh less and have a lower body mass index (BMI) than … Keep reading