Nov 13

Smarties Digest

This week in sweet…

The cold is definitely coming to Smarties Headquarters!

 Good thing we are prepared.


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One Response to Querys

  1. Choi says:

    Hi Angie-I don’t do Twitter . I am on Facebook quite often but I am not subscribed to your page ( you do have one?) I don’t use Instagram etiehr. I visit very few blogs any more but still come to visit yours ! I enjoy seeing the projects and videos and your craftroom (color me jealous!) I also love when you show us mistakes/bloopers I like the realness of it ! I also go to Pinterest quite often way too often actually ! There just isn’t enough time to subscribe to every single portal that crafters use. I’m really trying to cut back on internet time Family comes first and with two busy/active kids it’s hard to keep up !Are there any other hobbies you enjoy as much or more than papercrafting?Patty in Ohio

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