Aug 31

Smarties Back To School Giveaway!

What would you do with a YEAR’s supply of Smarties? TEN lucky people are going to find out… Enter to win our giveaway on Facebook here!  It’s super simple to enter.   Giveaway ends Thursday, September 20th.

Good luck and sweet wishes,

The Smarties Family

Note:  We only ask for your email address so we can contact you if you win!

Querys Responses to Querys

  1. Tammy Harris Dingman says:

    I would love to be able to share this wonderful prize with all of my students and fellow teachers. Thank you for thinking of the teachers and students. : )

  2. michelle walker says:

    I love smarties, always have. I have used these to incorporate an Acronym for motivation at my job here at the IRS! Thanks for the candies! I would love to win so I could share with so many people!

  3. Traci Smardz says:

    So sorry I missed this contest! What would I do with a year’s supply of Smarties? YOU have no idea how many Smarties I buy! Hence my last name and my profession, I am a second grade teacher, I give out tons of Smarties to my students! “It’s all in the name!” is one of my sayings. I use my family name and your family name and treat to motivate my students! It works! They all love the treat! Thanks for doing contests like these! It says so much for the company! 🙂

  4. Heather says:

    “Smarties Back To School Giveaway! | Smarties Blog” really enables me personally think a small amount extra.
    I actually enjoyed each and every single part of it. Thanks ,

  5. Lee Crichton says:

    My firsties are such smartie pants they would love to have these all year! I use these in Math, while reading and even made a bulletin board with them last year 🙂

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