Mar 4

Smartie Gras 2014!

Mar 2

Oscar night!

Mar 1

For your Oscar party…

Feb 28

Mega Lolly Landscape

Feb 28

Tropical flavored TBT!

Feb 28

Strawberry grape or pineapple orange?

Feb 27

Throw Back Thursday

Feb 26

Blissful bounty!

Feb 25

Smarties Mega rolls rock!

Feb 24

Share your Smarties, earn a smile!

Feb 22

Happy Birthday George Washington!

Feb 21

Wheel Of Smarties

Thank you to our Facebook fan, Leanne Carson of North Carolina for this caption!

Feb 20

Three rolls make a right!

Feb 19

Birthday wishes to the fishes!

Feb 18

Dreaming of Spring!

Feb 17

Happiness on a stick!

Feb 16

How is your Sunday measuring up?

Feb 15

Hope your weekend is going swimmingly!

Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feb 12

Kisses & hugs!

Feb 12

Candy Shop Trainee

Many thanks to Sweeties Candy of Arizona for these adorable videos!  



Feb 11

Sweet romance!

Feb 11

Valentine’s Day. Hate it or love it?

Feb 10

Can you feel the love?

Feb 10

Smarties has love in the bag.