Sep 24

Slow Tuesday?

Go to: Candy Jar -> Open -> Enjoy a few Smarties

Sep 23

Fall is here, Halloween is near!!!

Sep 20

Add ‘em up!

Sep 19

Ahoy! ‘Tis talk like a pirate day…

Sep 18

What a Sweet Couple!

Sep 17

Mega vs. Original

THAT is the question!

Sep 16

Smartifact of the Day

September 16th is the most popular birthday.  Are you celebrating today?


Sep 13

Smarties on the brain!

Sep 12

Smarties Think!

Smarties Think! That’s the name of a new Smarties Candy Company initiative designed to empower students to be “smarties” themselves. We partnered with to match donations to a wide variety of classroom projects.

Called “a revolutionary charity,” by Oprah Winfrey, is an online nonprofit that connects public school classrooms with donors to get the materials needed to improve. From books for English to beakers for Chemistry, there are plenty of vital school supplies needed by classrooms throughout the United States.

Smarties Candy Company is a family-owned and family-run business founded in 1949 by Eddie Dee. Eddie wanted to emphasize the importance of education when he chose the name “Smarties.” We are pleased to honor Eddie’s noble intention with our “Smarties Think” campaign. If you’d like to join us and support classrooms in need, check out the “Half-off” projects eligible for our match offer here!


The Smarties Family

Sep 11

Love Smarties?

Check out Smarties gear here!

Sep 10

School Supplies!

Sep 9

Group Photo!

Sep 6

Like Fridays? LOVE Fridays!

Sep 5

NFL Season Kicks Off Tonight!

Are you a fan?

Sep 4

A Worm To The Wise

Sep 3

Selfless Kitty Wants You…

…to have the BEST. DAY. EVER!

Aug 29

What’s On Your Playlist Today?

Aug 28

You’re Smarter Than You Think!

Aug 27

You brighten our day!

Now it’s our turn!

Aug 26

Thank Your Teacher with Smarties

Thank you Kelsey of Poofy Cheeks for this adorable craft to start the school year off right!

If you are interested in making this craft get the free printable here.

Aug 22

Sir Snugglesworth Would Like a Word…

Aug 20

Wish You Were Here!

We would love to invite you in for a swim, but we have rules around here!

Aug 19

Is your…

mouth watering yet?

Aug 16


Sometimes, you have to raid the candy jar… (shhh!)

Aug 15

Friends are like Smarties