Nov 9

Box office hit!

Nov 7

Pop culture.

Nov 6

Mega lolly pinwheels

I know playing with your food is frowned upon.  However, playing with candy can yield some beautiful art!

Nov 6

Meet Hank, the official spokescat of Smarties. Eat Smarties meow!

Nov 6

Will this get you through a mid-week slump?

Nov 5

Reach in for a Tuesday treat!

Nov 2

Smarties Sugar Cookies

What to do with all of that candy?  Bake yourself some Smarties Sugar Cookies!

Recipe at here:

Nov 2

Don’t forget to “fall back” at 2 a.m.

Nov 1

Goodbye Halloween. Hello Day of the Dead!

Oct 31

Hank says…

Have a Happy Halloween, or ELSE!

Oct 31

Spooky Spider Craft

Turn your candy into a spooky craft.

Check out these Smarties spiders created by our friends at!

Oct 31

You’ve been BOOED!

Oct 30

Safe AND Delicious

Not only are Smarties safe and delicious, they’re also tamper-evident, gluten-free, vegan and free of most known allergens!

Find out more here:

Oct 30

DIY Halloween Wreath

Warning: This wreath will attract trick or treaters. Be sure to have candy on hand!

DIY instructions from Simmworks here:

Oct 29

Smarties Artist at Work

Oct 29

Family owned & operated since 1949!

More about the history Smarties Candy Company here.

Oct 28

Halloween countdown!

Oct 25

How did they get in here?!

Oct 24

A Safe Place to Keep Your Valuables

Oct 23

Do you savor your Smarties one-by-one?

Or all at once?

Oct 22

Three is not a crowd.

Oct 21

Easy & clever smarty-pants Halloween costume

Here’s a sample of our guest post at The Candy Dish blog! 

Need a quick and inexpensive idea for a Halloween costume? Your friends will think you are a REAL “Smartie-Pants” when you show up to the party in this! Just remember to bring extra Smarties to ward off those who will attempt to swipe them right off of your pants!

What you will need to pull off this crafty costume:

  • One pair of pants to glue (use an old pair you don’t mind sacrificing for the outfit!)
  • One shirt & tie
  • One nerdy pair of glasses
  • One small piece of white paper and clear tape OR first aid tape (white tape)
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • 1 bag of Smarties Candy (small bag for child costume/ larger bag for adults)

Continue reading and find step by step instructions at The Candy Dish blog.

Oct 21

Smarties picnic!

Oct 18

Have a scary good weekend!

Oct 17

Roll on out!