Feb 9

His and Hers Lollipop Costumes

Wendy's Son & Daughter with His & Hers Pops!

Wendy, our Smarties Craft Diva, came up with a super fun way to dress up your lollipops this Valentine’s Day:  His and hers mustache & red lips!  Here’s how to trick our your Smarties lollipops:

Step 1:  Save & then Print the lips & mustaches image below on Cardstock.

Step 2:  Carefully cut out the Lips and Mustaches.

Step 3:  Poke a hole through the center using a small hole punch, scissors, or the tip of a pen.

Step 4:  Slide the mustaches and lips on the lollipop stick and VOILA – instant pop glam!

So go ahead, make your pops *POP*!

– The Smarties Family

One Response to Querys

  1. jacky says:

    Thanks :) it was very easy to do

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