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Aug 5

Have a Mega Monday!

Jul 29

Giant Smarties

Oh, you know, just some Giant Smarties…

Jul 23


meg·a – adjective – Very large; huge

Jul 10

Free Fun!

Like Word Search? Digital Air Hockey? Puzzles? Bubble Trouble? Procrastinating? Play our totally free (and FUN!) games!

Jun 21

Fridays Are Sweet

Jun 10

Smarties Assortment

And your favorite is… ?

May 22

Two is Better Than One

May 17

Giant Smarties Rolls

Smarties… Where “Giant” is only our medium-sized candy.

May 15

Which Tropical Smarties?


May 13

You Like?

Apr 30

New Design!

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Apr 2

Springtime on

It may be raining outside, but it’s Spring on!  The snow has melted and our Smarties Chick is back, too (in the Kids section)! We feel warmer already… HAPPY SPRING!!! -The Smarties Family