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May 15

Megas Unwrapped

May 14

Did you know?

Our green tablets are strawberry flavored!

May 13

Perfect Little Pouch

May 12

Stack ’em!

May 8

A bright idea?

May 7

Mega Wave!

May 5

Smarties Giant Double Take

May 4

Super Smarties!

Apr 30

Mouthwatering Megas

Apr 26

Lolly Love

Apr 17

Go big or go home!

Apr 16

Still life.

Apr 11

Party Supplies

Apr 10

Time to stock up!

Apr 7

Options galore…

Apr 7

Opportunity to share.

Apr 5

Sour or Original?

Apr 3

Mega Brilliant

Apr 2

Sample Room Sneak Peek

Feb 21

Wheel Of Smarties

Thank you to our Facebook fan, Leanne Carson of North Carolina for this caption!

Feb 17

Happiness on a stick!

Jan 15

Color Wheel

Oct 30

Safe AND Delicious

Not only are Smarties safe and delicious, they’re also tamper-evident, gluten-free, vegan and free of most known allergens! Find out more here:

Oct 1

Happy World Vegetarian Day!

Today is World Vegetarian Day! We’re celebrating this cruelty-free lifestyle with some Smarties (of course). Did you know that Smarties are 100% free of animal products and vegan? It’s true! Even if you don’t go veggie overnight, anyone can enjoy … Keep reading

Aug 8

Candy Money

Put your (candy) money where your mouth is.