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Oct 8

Sweet ride!

Oct 1

It’s October!

Sep 26

Psst! Lollies rock!

Sep 22

Board games or football games?

Sep 20

Sweet! It’s Saturday night!

Sep 19

Do you remember your first roll of Smarties?

Sep 16

Be yourself. Be a Smartie!

Sep 15

Stack of Sweetness

Sep 11

Three’s not a crowd.

Sep 10

Welcome to Smarties Canyon!

Sep 8

What do you think of Smarties in pink?

Sep 7

Smarties make your mouth sing!

Sep 5

May your Friday be warm & fuzzy!

Sep 4

Orange you glad Smarties come in 6 different flavors?

Sep 1

Calling all Smarties! Ready for back to school?

Aug 29

Last Friday in August…Make it original!

Aug 28

Wish you were here!

Aug 27

Big or small, we love them all!

Aug 26

Roll call!

Aug 25

Monday’s mirage.

Aug 24

Other candies are green with envy…

Aug 23

Smarties Parties: Like a DJ playing all of your favorites!

Aug 22

Fresh Smarties in action!

Aug 21

Time for a little roll play.

Aug 20