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Oct 18

Have a scary good weekend!

Oct 17

Roll on out!

Oct 16

And we can pop. And we will pop.

Oct 15

Smarties Bubble Gum & Taffy by Ford Gum

Newsflash: Our friends at Ford Gum are offering yummy Smarties brand products including Bubble Gum, Strawberry Taffy and Blue-Raspberry Taffy! Smarties 10-Ball Gumball Tube       Smarties Strawberry Taffy              Smarties Blue-Raspberry Taffy Be sure to look out … Keep reading

Oct 15

Things that make you go Mmm!

Oct 11

What’s on the desk of a Smarties artist?

Oct 10

Ready for Halloween?

We certainly are!

Oct 9

Welcome to our world!

Oct 4

Mega Rollin’

Oct 3

Nom Nom Nom

Oct 2

Sneak a peek of this fresh batch of Smarties!

Oct 1

Happy World Vegetarian Day!

Today is World Vegetarian Day! We’re celebrating this cruelty-free lifestyle with some Smarties (of course). Did you know that Smarties are 100% free of animal products and vegan? It’s true! Even if you don’t go veggie overnight, anyone can enjoy … Keep reading

Oct 1

‘Tis the season for black cats & Smarties candy!

Sep 27

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Sep 26

After 64 years, we’re still on a roll.

Thanks for your support of our family candy business.

Sep 25

Who ate all the Smarties?

Sep 24

Slow Tuesday?

Go to: Candy Jar -> Open -> Enjoy a few Smarties

Sep 23

Fall is here, Halloween is near!!!

Sep 20

Add ’em up!

Sep 18

What a Sweet Couple!

Sep 17

Mega vs. Original

THAT is the question!

Sep 13

Smarties on the brain!

Sep 11

Love Smarties?

Check out Smarties gear here!

Sep 10

School Supplies!

Sep 9

Group Photo!