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Nov 2

Smarties Candy Company featured on the Today Show

Smarties Candy Company was featured on the Today Show in their Halloween segment, “Smarties Candy Company: The secrets behind the successful family business.” In the piece, career expert Suzy Welch visits the three women who run Smarties Candy Company and … Keep reading

Nov 1

October Was Full of Treats Here at Smarties HQ!

Smarties was featured in NJ Monthly Magazine’s October issue.  Click here to read the article which tells our sweet story.   Let the sunshine in! Smarties Candy Company recently completed construction on a 674kW solar project on the roof of our … Keep reading

Jan 1

Smarties 2015: A Year in Review

The new year is right around the corner! Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights of 2015 at Smarties! 1. Smarties in the News We were honored and delighted to be featured in a number of U.S. … Keep reading

Oct 21

Spotlight on Smarties by NCA

What a treat to see the recent post by President and CEO of the National Confectioners Association (NCA), John Downs, about Smarties Candy Company! This article in the NCA’s “CEO Corner,” highlights our recent CNN Money coverage and includes Downs’ unique perspective. He … Keep reading

Oct 14

Smarties featured on CNNMoney!

The Smarties candy story was recently featured on CNN Money! We highly suggest that you stop whatever you’re doing and go read it right away. Here’s a highlight from the piece: “Any kid — or kid at heart — who has done the … Keep reading

Mar 26

Newsflash: Police use Smarties to promote seat belt safety!

Students in Clearwater Florida were rewarded for buckling up with Smarties candy by their local police department. Countryside High School earned so many Smarties that the police ran out! We applaud the students for their commitment to safety.

Aug 1

Modern Family Smartie

Hello CUTE!  Any Modern Family fans in the house?  That’s “Lily” (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) hugging a bag full of Smarties! (Photo from -> )

Dec 22

“Get Smartie” with Stacy Igel on Lockerz!

Want to visit out our real-life candyland? Watch the “Get Smartie” episode of the Lockerz mini-series, Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel featuring Smarties Candy Company! Fashion designer, Stacy Igel, takes a tour of the Smarties factory and shows our … Keep reading

Dec 12

Candy-Scented Perfumes

We get it.  Candy smells really really good.  So delicious, in fact, that you may just want to rub a little on your neck and let the scent linger.  Sound a little out there?  On the contrary, it’s actually quite … Keep reading

Sep 1

Hey there, Smartie Pants

We are completely delighted that the fantastic crafty work of Beth Proudfoot ( is featured in September’s issue of Parenting Magazine! Check out more of her Smartie pants printables for good luck here, the first day of school here, for … Keep reading

Jul 6

New Study Finds Young Candy Eaters Are Less Likely To Be Overweight Or Obese

A recent study published in Food & Nutrition Research finds that children and adolescents who eat candy are less likely to be overweight and obese.  Very interesting stuff! Now, if you are planning on candy for dinner, hang on a … Keep reading

May 17

100 Calories Looks Like This

Ever wonder what 100 calories of candy looks like? It looks like 60 Smarties (that’s four original 15-tablet Smarties rolls)! On the Women’s Health website, there is a fun and enlightening game where you guess the candy image that represents … Keep reading

May 9

Smarties for Safe-Drivers

We were glad to see that Smarties were recently handed out as a sweet reward for high school students who were driving safely by wearing their seat belts, not talking on the phone and not texting.

Apr 20

Easter Smarties in Women’s Health Mag

We are so excited that Easter Smarties were mentioned in this April’s Women’s Health Magazine (page 26!!!). If you see Smarties mentioned in a magazine, on a website or in a blog, please share it with us here so we … Keep reading

Mar 9

Candy Hall-Of-Fame

We’d like to take a moment (aka a blog post) to congratulate our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Eric Ostrow, for his induction into the NCSA Candy Hall of Fame!  (We know what you’re thinking, and yes, there is … Keep reading