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Jun 26

Mini Morsels

Jun 24

Will Smile For Smarties

Jun 23

Mmm, orange!

Jun 15

The weekend isn’t over yet…

Jun 13

Peace, Love & Smarties.

Jun 10

Smarties Huddle

May 31

Smarties Feast

May 27


May 25

Did we mention we love Sundays?

May 21

Six legged Smartie?

May 19

Dream in Color

May 19

Ride the wave.

May 15

Megas Unwrapped

May 8

A bright idea?

Apr 30

Mouthwatering Megas

Apr 16

Still life.

Apr 3

Shining Star

Mar 22

We love weekends!

Mar 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Mar 8

Daylight Saving Reminder!

Set your clock forward one hour Sunday at 2 a.m.

Mar 4

Smartie Gras 2014!

Feb 22

Happy Birthday George Washington!

Feb 21

Wheel Of Smarties

Thank you to our Facebook fan, Leanne Carson of North Carolina for this caption!

Feb 19

Birthday wishes to the fishes!

Feb 18

Dreaming of Spring!