Aug 11

BlogHer 2011

BlogHer was awesome.  End of story.

Wait, you want to know more?  Then read on, friends…

This past BlogHer was August 4-6 in beautiful San Diego, California.  As explained on the BlogHer website, BlogHer ’11 hosted “over three thousand attendees together from all over the world to share hands-on learning, rich discussions, opportunities to meet with the brands that support them and plentiful networking opportunities.”

What to bring to BlogHer?

I went to BlogHer with a suitcase full of candy (literally), more business cards than I ever thought I would need, and a naive hope to meet and befriend every blogger in attendance.   Seriously, what brand representative doesn’t want to get to know thousands of talented, motivated, creative blogging women?  Well, I did not meet thousands.  Hundreds?  Probably.  And I actually ran out of business cards…

I went to meet these fantastic people as an “official” representative of my family’s candy business.  Aside from being the Director of Digital Media, I’m a third generation co-owner of Smarties Candy Company and a fifth generation candy maker with a serious sweet tooth.  Candy is in my blood, literally and figuratively.  If you follow my @Smarties tweets, then you know all about this (and you also get the play-by-play of what’s going on at Smarties HQ).

Pile 'O Cards!

Because (for me) BlogHer is all about the Bloggers, in my next post, I will write about some of the amazing people I met at BlogHer.  I have a bag of business cards on my desk (see picture to the right) and, frankly, it scares me that I have that many follow ups to write.  But, follow up I must!  It’s the Smarties way.

Your dedicated Smarties blogger,


PS-  You can see many more photos of Smarties at BlogHer on our Facebook Page.

Querys Responses to Querys

  1. Sara @Doodle741 says:

    Blogher looks like SO MUCH FUN!! Here is my little (very new) blog:

  2. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    Seeing all of the bloggers swoon over their Smarties swag, made me wish I was a blogger!

  3. Lindsay @ Laughing Lindsay says:

    Wow! It looks like everyone had fun. I hope I make it to BlogHer next year. : )

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